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Captain Reference for CC by RocketMeowth Captain Reference for CC by RocketMeowth
EDITED 10-12-11
Added information on the sunglasses that randomly appear on Captain's and Soot's faces. It's at the bottom.


My entry for :iconchernobyl-curs:

:iconblankwood: gave me permission to include Ragnarok in my profile for Captain. I hope what I put is fine. If you want anything changed Blankers, just tell me over skype and I'll change it ASAP. ;D

I noticed after I made their profiles... but they are like a true duo. They both pretty much NEED one another!!! 8D

About Captain

EDIT: Captain is actually 16 inches at the shoulder, and 19 inches overall.

Name: Captain
Breed Base: American Eskimo
Age: 3 years
Gender: male
* none
* high intelligence
* Fast (he can dodge hits easily)
* Soot protects his head from injury cause he just sits there like a boss
* Thick fluffy fur helps minimize damage taken
* Small
* Can't handle too many powerful blows
* back right hip is weaker then the rest
* allergic to fleas
* Pollution - if he gets covered in garbage he becomes immobilized until it's taken off (when this happens, Soot will be the one removing the trash so Captain can move again)
Personality: So full of joy it's sickening. Captain finds it pointless to focus on the "bad" points of life. He takes everything that happens in stride, making sure to look at it in a positive way. There will be times where anger or sadness gets the better of him, stress as well, but it's not often that it does.

He is OCD when it comes to the tipped over trash cans. They HAVE to be up and trash HAS to be in them. If he sees one fallen, even in the middle of a fight, he will stop to pick it back up.

He also can't stand being alone. He needs to be in a "family" (or just with others in general) or he'll go through separation anxiety. This is one of the only personality traits of his that is just as prominent as his massive Fort Knox of joy. He'll never admit to it, but he's constantly worried over it (he's highly greatful that Soot is in his life).

Birth to 1.5 years

Captain was born outside of Pripyat to a wonderful, clean, and loving family. They took very good care of him, training him to be great not only with other dogs, but other animals in general. He was given a lot of exercise and often loved to play in the large backyard with his masters (his favorite thing was to lay in the shade of the big tree with them).

One day he decided to go exploring while his masters were gone at work. He broke free of his rope that kept him tied to the tree and jumped the fence that enclosed the yard. Once on the other side he took to a path, following it for hours. He was so enticed by the many smells and sounds as he went that he wasn't paying attention to the directions he took. He soon found himself very lost, as well as away from friendly faces.

He wandered for nearly a week, trying to get other animals to give him directions back home. When he found what he thought was civilization, he quickly made a break towards it. The tall buildings were sure to hold people who could read his tags and either send him on his way in the right direction, or call his owners to come pick him up! When he arrived he was devastated by his misguided thoughts.

The city looked as if a war occurred. Broken windows, knocked over trash bins, broken roads, grass growing everywhere... it was a disaster zone! Not wanting to head in, Captain found himself in quite the pickle. He needed to find out how to get home, but there was no other city around. Plus he was famished and desperate for food. He decided to check the place out in hopes of maybe finding something to eat.

He found a few rats and chased them down into an alley way. He cornered the disgusting things and did them in, killing them swiftly and silently. He then ate the little devils, though very reluctant because of all the diseases they could have been carrying. Once done, he left what he refused to swallow (the heads and bones) and decided to go on the search for some help.

It was then that he found a box. Inside contained a black powder puff! He cocked his head as two triangular shapes flicked on the powderpuff, practically jumping as it turned to reveal wide yellow eyes staring him down. This was when he met Soot, and when Soot joined up with him.

1.5 years to Current

Captain could no more get help from the local dogs than he could figure out Soot's gender. No dog would dare tell him where to go (not that any even knew...). At the age of two, Captain got into a huge scuffle with a rough and tough fighter. A Pitbull named Johnny. The dog was pissed because his turf had been invaded by Captain and Soot. As punishment, he forced the two into a fight that landed Captain in an unconscious state. When he awoke, he found his collar had been taken as had Soot.

He searched high and low for days, but he couldn't find his black powderpuff friend anywhere. He began to feel depressed and scared. He was alone in this place without any friends. He felt weak and pathetic like this, almost wanting to give up on life without a companion by his side. He NEEDED Soot with him. It was then did he meet the dog of his dreams.


The beauty, though masculine looking, was gorgeous to Captain's eyes. She was tough looking, smart, independent, and quite the looker as mentioned before. Captain at first wooed her with her looks and it seemed to work! She was flattered by him until... until she discovered he was a male. She had a thing for females, not males. At first Captain was a bit broken hearted, but he didn't let that stand in his way for long. He spent a few days pursuing her along with looking for his dear friend. After a while she just gave in and agreed to be his girl, but that was it. She refused to actually show it in the whole "lovey-dovey" way.

Just as Captain was feeling pleased with this, he saw a little black thing crawl out from an ally way, basically covered in blood. Captain ran over to it and was devastated to see that it was Soot! The poor little thing was weak, tired, injured beyond anything Captain had ever seen, and pretty much imobalized! Captain took Soot and ran to Ragnarok, telling her he would see her again. He then left to care for his injured friend, more concerned with its well being at the moment.

It took a week to heal Soot. A week of arduous hunting, trash can fixing, and licking of the wounds on its body before Soot was able to even get back onto Captain's head. From that day forward, Captain noticed an even deeper fear... or possibly hatred, for things much larger than him. The two became much closer in that week, even though it seemed that at first when Captain found the little cat, that it'd become distant from him.

As time went on the two became more like brothers than friends. Soot even helped Captain with his OCD, fixing up all the fallen trash cans so they stood once more. Of course they would always get knocked back down, but Soot made sure it never bothered Captain that much. Soot even found it funny when a few of those cans had Ragnarok's scent on them. Captain never seemed to notice because of how distracted he'd be by throwing debree or garbage in them though. It wasn't until recent that Captain actually discovered it was her.

He now aims to teach the dogs of Pripyat how to take better care of it! He can't stand how they just carelessly knock down cans (RAGNAROK INCLUDED!).

They are times he misses his old home, but he knows that by now they would have both forgotten about him, as well as gotten another dog. That... and he's got no idea how to get back.


Happy Captain is Happy.

* Trash cans standing upright and NOT KNOCKED OVER!!
* Soot
* Adventuring
* Cleanliness - he doesn't really enjoy being dirty, but will tolerate it up to a point considering where he lives and all (the toleration point is when he's so dirty, you can hardly see his natural fur color)
* Dogs WHO KEEP KNOCKING DOWN THE DANG TRASH CANS!!!!! D8< (Ragnarok is an exception... though sometimes he is annoyed when she's the one who does it)
* Garbage (if he sees garbage on the ground and a trash can is near, he'll pick it up and put it in)
* dogs who mistreat his girl, Ragnarok (insulting her or undermining her)
* Rats (they carry diseases EW) - he'll only eat them if it's a last resort
Other: He and Ragnarok are OTP! THEY ARE CAPNAROK! Also, he'll freak out if Soot vanishes on him. If he doesn't know where Soot is, he'll drop everything he's doing in order to locate it. He needs Soot.

Also, he's a bottler. He'll never let anyone see if anything is stressing him out. He doesn't like others to worry about him or be affected by how he's feeling. The only one who will ever see how upset he is, is Soot. Sometimes he may express himself to Rags, but it will be very rare.

How Captain Fights
For any dog, he will at first try to scale them out. He does this by running and avoiding them until he has a complete view of how they look. Based on what he sees will determine how he attacks.

Big Dogs
Dogs that are taller than him, (say 20 inches and up) he knows he can't defeat with just brute strength. For them, he takes a more intellectual road. He'll try to use the area around him to help beat them, as well as try to turn their own strength against them. It doesn't mean he wont attack. He'll still bite, kick, and do whatever he can to areas he can reach. It just means that for heavy damage, Captain will just take advantage of his surroundings the best that he can.

Small Dogs
Dogs that are his size or smaller (16 inches and below), he'll focus on a more physical attack method. Mentally he'll try to form strategies for victory, but he'll put a lot of focus into attack.


About Soot

Name: Soot
Breed Base: Persian
Age: unknown
Gender: genderless
* none
* radiation has made Soot's body very tough. Even its fur has become thick and dense, making Soot's defense very strong
* can tolerate taking blows from smaller or weaker dogs like toy breeds, and lanky breeds (like whippets)
* Soot has really good hearing, really good eyesight (especially in the dark), and a normal sense of smell (Soot is NOT the feline equivalent of a bloodhound)
* Mute
* Soot has a growth deficiency
* cannot tolerate taking blows from stronger dogs like great danes, mastiffs, and st. bernards
* Soot can barely tolerate being bitten. Even though its skin isn't easily pierced, just the feeling of a larger animals mouth being around it makes it shutter and flinch. It can only handle so much before it'll jump off of Captain's head to run away and regain its composure.
* Soot can't fight for diddly squat (it's too small to really fight anyways)
Personality: Soot's personality can't be summed up very well. It's so out there, often changing on the spot for no reason, that it's difficult to really pinpoint Soot's overall mood. Soot doesn't have a split personality or a bipolar disorder, it's just very tangled within moods that no single one is more prominent than the other.
History: Completely unknown. Captain just found Soot one day laying in a box. Interested in the little cat, he lowered his head in hopes the cat would respond. Soot just eyed him though, moving only enough muscles to slightly change its content expression to an annoyed and confused one. Seeing this, Captain decided to ask a simple question.

"Wanna go on an adventure?!"

Soot responded and got up. Soot then walked onto Captain's head, plopped itself down and they've been insepreble ever since.

* Captain
* Super tall animals (really... anything taller than Captain)
Other: When Captain gets covered by trash, even in a fight, Soot will be the one to get it off of him. Soot practically sits on Captain's head all the time. The only time's Soot will willingly get off are when it needs to go to the bathroom, when it needs to eat, or when Captain asks. Soot is on Captain's head the rest of the time. Also, Soot has been mistaken plenty of times for a hat instead of a cat.

When in a fight, Soot will do everything to stay on top of Captain's head. When Captain is hit by an attack, Soot will tighten it's grip on Captain's head. If Soot is knocked off, it will do everything possible to try and get back on. Soot is highly uncomfortable around bigger animals, and Captain helps ease that discomfort.

Since Captain and Soot have been together for two years, Soot tightening it's grip and digging claws into Captain's fur doesn't bother Captain very much. He's pretty much used to it.

How Soot and Captain Communicate
Soot taps on Captain's head to tell him what it's trying to say. There are also other ways:

1 tap - no
2 taps - yes
3 taps - attention (Soot does this a lot)
scratch - stop (Soot only does this when Captain REALLY annoys it [like if Captain teases it])
brushing of the tail on the back of his neck - behind you!


The Captain Shades
These magically come on his face when he's talking with "business" dogs (a.k.a Speaks, Bosso, his commanders). They act like Clark Kent glasses and totally disguise him. Cause glasses can do that. Once he's done talking business, they magically vanish. Cause I said so.

When on: he's more serious, eyebrows mostly in "anger" position (doesn't always mean he's angry...), when joking he's sarcastic, insults more

=^^= Nya
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